Unity in diversity

Autor: Viktor Pamula | 21.12.2020 o 13:59 | (upravené 21.12.2020 o 19:05) Karma článku: 1,97 | Prečítané:  211x

In this statement i would like to speak about climate change and its aspects for disabled people in the world.

The debate about climate became a worldwide phenomenom. Temperature of our Mother Earth is rapidly increasing. Winters are much more warmer as it was in the past. Asian countries are increasingly poluted by emmissions and rubbish. There is an effort in European Union and Parliament to change this system. I have to say that i realy appreciate dialogue between European Union USA China and India.

Unity in diversity is a main message of the European Union. Unity in diversity is also name of my speach. I am incredibly honored that i can stand in front of you, all members of the  European Parliament. As you can see, i am on wheelchair. Nowadays we all are hit by pandemy Covid 19. The diferences between social groups are enhanced. Health of disabled people got worse . They cant  afford medicament fot their diagnoses. This problem is caused by their low retirement money. I am from Slovakia and we have there very wide options to choose compensative facility like wheelchair or ceiling autohoist. Prices of these equipment are unaccesible for  disabled people. 

Most of us are sociable people. we want to and have to comunicate abe be accepted in  society. IN these days we can t do it. This has negative impact to our mood, emotions and behavior. It is truth that we can work from home but social contact is very important for us. 

In the countries of a former eastern block are still many problems for DP. For example it is technical bariers issue. Most of strategical buildings have stairs instead of the ramp ( post, city hall, police station, social service building etc. ) Its necessary to change this situation and begin construct buildings in the familiar way for disabled people. Its crucial involve there climate aspect also, this means use materials with low energy demand. 

Most of disabled people love cultural events. But unfortunately almost everything is underground or in the higher parts of the buildings. In ecological way they should be in the town park or nature. Many of us disabled people have unique atributes and skills that can change the present situations in a various areas of our lives. I ask you please be advertent a give chance to show them.

Thank you for your attention.

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